why juveniles should not be tried as adults essay

"12 Although juveniles might not have been regarded as criminals, upon standing erial they should be afforded the same rights as adults, including those of due process.

The juvenile courts do not have a jury, and offenders are not given a proper trial. It is ethically wrong and morally incorrect to equate a minor and an adult in matters pertaining law, justice and fairness. Due process protection is predicated on proper rules of evidence. In conclusion I believe that juveniles should be treated as juveniles and they should not be tried as adults. This paper will discuss reasons as to why juveniles should be tried in adults’ court. Buy Cheap Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay Juveniles should not be treated as adults. More effectual solutions should be explored and put to utilize. ... Word Count: 782; Approx Pages: 3 Cite this Juveniles Should Not Be Tried A Adults Sample Essay APA MLA Harvard Chicago ASA IEEE AMA 1. Nearly everyone from lawyers and judges, to politicians has expressed their opinion on this subject, and while everyone seems to be talking about it no real conclusions have been reached. high school, these juveniles were facing life sentences in prison, which is a serious issue. but juveniles should non be tried as grownups. Cons of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults. Should juvenile offenders be tried as adults? Which Juveniles should not be allowed to have the death penalty. Juveniles Should Not Be Tried A Adults.
This also implies that individuals of this age bracket should not be put to the same criminal procedures as rigor as adults. By allowing them to be tried as adults, you give them the ability to have a trial by jury. 2002] Why juveniles Should Not Be Tried as Adults 91 process protections afforded to adults.

This question has become a hot topic recently in this country.

Juveniles should be tried as adults if they want to make their own mistakes, so they will have to pay for their mistakes. Instead the judge makes all of the decisions, often with the help of a team of mediators for the children and their families. Juveniles Tried As Adults Essay. Consequently, practicing the death penalty of such individuals would be against the natural course of justice, as it would be done to a person without the capacity to think adequately (American Bar Association, 2014). I think that juveniles should be treated as juveniles and as juveniles only not adults. ... By the facts and opinions that I have stated, I believe that juveniles should not be tried as adults.
In a society where all members are familiar with all rules, justice should apply to all.