water contact indicator paper

Water contact indicator tape is a great way for a manufacturer whose products may be exposed to water but warranty does not cover water damage to verify a customer’s claims. Ultra-Thin Water Contact Indicator Tape- 3M 5559, is a 5.0 mil industrial grade tape product used to indicate water contact. The tape permanently changes from white to red upon direct water contact… I accidentally touched my wet hands on it, and i gotta send that phone in for repair under warranty. save hide report. Summary of Water Quality Indicators-Surface Waters Page 2 around 9 mg/L. Water Level Indicator may be defined as a system by which we can get the information of any water reservoir. Manufacturers and repair services use the indicators to quickly check a device for water damage, which is not covered by most warranties. share.

In electronic products ranging from mobile phones to MP3 players, you’ll have clear evidence of water contact without false identification from high humidity. The top surface of this tape is printable by laser and inkjet printers. As shown on the graph, DO concentrations in the Red River vary from highs of 15 mg/L in the winter (water temperature from 0.2° to 10°C) to summer lows of 7 mg/L (water temperature from 20° to 26°C). When water contacts the edges of this tape, the tape color changes permanently from white to red. TapeCase 0.125-5-3M 5557 White Polyester/Paper/Acrylic Adhesive Water Contact Indicator Tape, 0.01" Thickness, 5 yd Length, 0.125" Width 4.3 out of 5 stars 11 $8.07 A water damage indicator, known by a variety of other names, is a small device found inside many electronic devices that permanently changes color when it comes in contact with water or other liquids. 12 comments. Wa-ter level indicator system isquite useful to reduce the wastage of water from any reservoir, while filling such reservoir. For example: Mobile phones, 2-way radios, cordless phones, personal communicators, and pagers PDAs, gaming consoles, MP3, and CD players Digital, film, and video cameras This product changes from white to red when it is physically contacted with water, but will not falsely indicate water contact when in a highly humid environment. Automatic Water Level Indicator and ... evidence of variation in the indicators of k-economy among the SAARC member countries contribute to improve such indicators. Indicator layer and polyester liner combine for easy and accurate die-cutting, Where to get new water contact indicator paper? It is designed to withstand heat and humidity aging without giving water indications.

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3M™ Water Contact Indicator Tape 5557 is a 10.2 mil (259 micron) thick tape that changes color from white to red upon contact with water.