voting is a privilege essay

Voting: A Privilege, a Duty, and a Path to a Stronger Democracy Linda A. Klein. That's all accurate and of some importance, but of far more importance is the fact that elections just don't take place, not in any meaningful sense of the term 'election.' Every year to honor Law Day, the American Bar Association (ABA) designates a theme to highlight an important issue relating to the law or the legal system. Use the Election Complaint Report online form. John Stuart Mill said in his essay “Considerations on Representative Government” that the vote gives us power over other people. Immigrants and relatives of families from other parts of the world have seen and experienced firsthand what it is like to be governed by leaders who were not elected by the people.

Voting lets you express your ideas and opinion on issues in our country. Voting ensures that your opinion is taken into account while appointing the person who holds the reins of power. The last mention of voting rights comes in the 26th Amendment, passed in 1971, lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. In the U.S., no one is required by law to vote in any local, state, or presidential election. Contact the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. So it can be hard to determine what is necessary and what is excess. in the oven, and—perhaps most importantly—it's nearly election time! In the high school essays, 97 students declared voting as a right, 71 called voting a privilege, 81 said voting is a responsibility and 86 claimed voting is all three.

Participation in the body politic is widely considered to be both a privilege and an imperative to the enlightened urban citizen.

According to the U.S. Constitution, voting is a right and a privilege. Analytical Essay: Voting: Is it a Human Right?

Voting is a right and privilege that many Americans take for granted. Andrey_Popov via Shutterstock. The world currently has an “I need” and “I deserve” attitude.

The arrival of November means several things: Pumpkin spice season is in full swing, Thanksgiving menu planning has begun, guzzling hot chocolate is more than socially acceptable, there's a pecan pie (or two!) As America gets ready for Election Day in less than two weeks, the importance of voting cannot be stressed enough. Voting is a heard-earned privilege you should not take for granted. There's a lot of fuss on the Left about election irregularities, like, you know, the voting machines were tampered with, they didn't count the votes right, and so on. Voting is important because it’s not only a right but also a privilege. This allows you to learn were the candidate’s stand on certain issues in the world today. Share this: Only about half of all eligible people ages 18-29 voted in the 2012 presidential election. For many, the newest I-phone update is a needed and desired product, as is the latest Ford car.

I rarely tell people that I don’t believe in voting. Voting is the most powerful way to … Value Your Opinion. Is Voting Mandatory in the United States?