thesis statement on animal extinction

Relevance. This one statement, found in an essay’s introduction, tells a reader what the essay is about and what the writer’s main argument or research findings are.

0 0 0. Rapid industrial growth and constant increase of the human population negatively affect the life conditions of animals and birds. im doing a research paper in animal extinction and this is my thesis so far: the human race has played a huge part in animal extinction....but idk what i should prove? Zoos are the places where animals are kept.Some people argue that animals shall not be kept in zoos as they deserve freedom. Progress and human over-population are the main reason.Strongest reason to support opinion/main idea …humans are the ultimate weed species... We have shown an incredible ability to … Relevance. This video is unavailable. “Biodiversity simply refers to the number of terrestrial species in the earth’s surface as well as ecosystems” (Chronicle 2008). Print Reference This. Chandra. A thesis statement or hypothesis is essentially what makes an essay what it is. Remember: This outline is based on the five—paragraph model. Keep revising until the thesis reflects your real ideas.

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Certain bird such as the Eskimo curlew went extinct when they were “relentlessly hunted by the market gunners during their migration”. Lunsford, Andrea A. Relevance.

Introduction: Every organism and species has the right to live in a harmonious and safe world, hence nobody has authority to take away others’ lives. In California there are two hundred eighty-nine animals and plants on the endangered species list: one hundred eleven animals and one hundred seventy-eight plants. Some animals were caught for pet trade such as orang utan. Animal Extinction Preventing Extinction Not much is thought about extinction in today’s society. Protecting endangered species programs and activities which recovers the existence of various rare and endangered species. …

Get an answer for 'Are sentences 3 and 4 a good thesis statement in a persuasive essay on saving endangered animals? One might argue that it is a small problem, and completely irrelevant; but according to statistics of scientific research, extinction is an important issue nationwide. Download thesis statement on Endangered Species in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according to the deadline. Protecting endangered species programs and activities which recovers the existence of various rare and endangered species.

The Dude. The Endangered Species Act was originated in 1973 to fight the depletion of all endangered species. 9 years ago (look up the number) species vanish into extinction every year, … Ramage, John D. Here are some examples: a Original thesis statement example: Animal extinction is bad for the future of our planet. A thesis statement about endangered species protection? The variety species within a natural community means all the various species are make up the biodiversity of the world and should be valued highly. Therefore, the following essay on extinction of animals will make an attempt to clarify the question of animal protection. ` Topic Outline with Thesis Statement Thesis statement That 50% of all animals now on earth are headed towards extinction Opinion / Main Idea It is not just one nation or one region. 1 Answer. Answer Save. If not, how can it be improved on?