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In other words, we find it much easier to settle with the status quo, keep our mouths closed and our heads down rather than make a change, take a chance, or speak up and engage in what I … Taking No Chances: Elite Reportedly Fleeing To Doomsday Bunkers By Matt Agorist/Activist Post March 13, 2020. chance, in mathematics: see probability probability, in mathematics, assignment of a number as a measure of the "chance" that a given event will occur. art. 6. V. [Vol. There’s a chance that we’ll never make it to our destination, a chance we won’t get to see our loved ones again, a chance that tomorrow will never come. Taking Chance shows how this duty affects not only Strobl, but also the ordinary citizens he meets on the journey. Some of these civilians are not shy about voicing their opposition to the war in Iraq, but without exception they show nothing but support for Phelps and his fallen brethren. 36 STATE Gov'T 11-12 (1963) ; see text accompanying note 13 in!ra. the legislatures of two-thirds of the states, and by simultaneously taking away Congress' power to elect the state convention mode of ratification. It was impossible to imagine, beforehand, all the ways a film like "Taking Chance" (Saturday, 8-9:30 p.m. EST, on HBO) could work its power. (Philos Stud 170:277–287, 2014) present a case that poses a challenge for a number of plausible principles about knowledge and objective chance. U.S. CoNsT. Share this article: As coronavirus fears continue to peak and the serfs fight each other over pallets of toilet paper at Costco, the world's elite aren't taking any chances. Dorr et al. There are certain important And for all the pain and discomfort, and occasional boredom and unkindness, it's still a chance worth taking, which is why happily married people talk about the bad times with the perspective and humor of successful gamblers, and unhappily married people curse the cards, the dealers, and the stars. 7. 72: 957.