research topics in analog electronics

Fault Diagnosis Approach of Analog Circuits Based on Genetic Wavelet Neural Network Other areas that also push the boundaries: anything RF that scales to higher frequency, lower noise, higher bandwidth embedded system-2 Fuzzy logic. There are a number of good topics in electronics and communication engineering (ECE) for thesis, research, and project. Fault diagnosis in analog circuits is a comparatively front research topic. They are integral part of many analog and mixed signal systems. Latest Topics in Electronics and Communication (ECE) for project, research, and thesis. Electronics and Communication is an important field with respect to our daily life. Operational Amplifier is the most common building blocks of most of the electronics system may not need introduction. Opamps with vastly different level of complexity are used to realize functions ranging from dc bias generation to high gain amplification, filtering or ADCs. embedded system-2011. Now coming to the area of Digital Electronics, it is essential to understand wide range of applications from industrial electronics to the fields of communication, from micro embedded systems to military equipment. Sub-threshold analog was a big deal a few years back.

Medical Electronics Market 2019-2026 - The Medical Electronics Market research report covers key players, trends, status, future forecast, size-share, development trends, challenges, opportunities and consumer behavior’s. Topics Applications Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, automotive electronics, biosystems, computation, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical systems, signal processing, ubiquitous electronics, and wireless communications. It provides insight into the growth of value players, as well as looking at new entrants to the market and their growth prospects. So the science or field of research in the area of engineering is termed as Analog and Digital Electronics respectively. Not sure if it is still, but with emphasis in low power designs, might be a good to look into. DSP-2010-2011 Digital image processing Digital camera Embedded system . New developments and research are going on in this field. analog integrated circuit Bluetooth control system CDMA DSP-digital signal processing.