research gaps in marketing

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A service quality model, highlighting the main requirements for delivering high quality service which identifies five gaps as causes for unsuccessful service delivery has been formulated by Parasuraman et al (1985, pp.41-50) As valuable as it is to verify previous studies, it is exciting to research an unknown area in a field of study. This technical report, developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), outlines a framework for identifying research gaps from systematic reviews. in your shoes, leaped over the gaps, and unleashed sales and marketing to drive growth—together.
Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps How you’ll benefit from reading this guide … Scoping review of studies on food marketing in Latin America: Summary of existing evidence and research gaps.

While there are well-defined methods for conducting a systematic review, there has been no explicit process for the identification of research gaps from systematic reviews. If you have taken the NCU Scholarly Literature Review course, return to your course book, The literature review: A step-by-step guide for students (Ridley, 2012) for the chapter, “Signaling a gap in previous research…” (p. 35). The framework identifies research gaps by examining Evidence-based Practice Centers and organizations that conduct systematic reviews. Most of the resources provided on the Library’s Resources for a Literature Review page discuss elements of a scholarly literature review and how to identify gaps. Research gaps prevent systematic reviewers from making conclusions and, ultimately, limit our ability to make informed health care decisions.


This digital marketing skills gap emerged from the current research as the biggest challenge facing communication and creative industries: while technically-focused skills gaps and training needs emerged (e.g. • Watch insight-packed webinars from Forrester Research, Microsoft, and Adobe. Rev Saude Publica. You should read: Review. I also see research gaps as opportunities for researchers.

As with all research, formulating questions that need further investigation and being able to identify gaps in the literature must be approached with research.

== In this instance you are looking specifically for gaps in the research where you can make your mark by suggesting ways forward or theories of your own, or merely just point out that research is incomplete in any given area.