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Requirement: 11000 Merc Unique Buildings.. Forums → Realm Grinder → Demon research build [R18+|E69+]: Hellhall Limit my search to this forum. This is because I got to R36~37 with neutral research before prestige research was even released. 4.2: C25: 12K spells this R. Use Merc build below and read note (After spell count reached switch to Angel to unlock this research) Merc Build. Cost: 7.26 Qiqag (7.26e168). Alingment: Evil. Sign in to reply . 6 posts. Research. Kongregate Druid research build (R27), post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. Hey guys, I was to impatient to wait till e72 to begin research builds, so I started playing around, with this current build I was able to go from E69 to E81 in less than 40 minutes, with 10 to 15 minute runs. Step 4: Buy at least up to 105 Research Points in each branch, use Goblin with Druid or Titan Bloodline.

4.1: A105: 2750 Blacksmiths, Use Fairy with Goblin Bloodline. Cost: 387 USsx (3.87.188)

This chance is based on your income per second and the cost of the next Labyrinth.Labyrinth production is also increased 5000% for each assistant you own.. As Realm Grinder has been updated, different sources for tested builds have fallen in and out of use. Kongregate max excavation build, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. Territorial Expanse 500 Qi 5 E 20 : You have a chance to have a Labyrinth built for free each time you click for money. Elfaniel. Effect: Increases the production of Non-Unique buildings by 3.5% per Unique building.. S3200: For All Factions - Spell Name: Manipulation. Requirement: 1B (1e9) Tax Collection cast, (Calefaction A1325) and (Psionics S1500).. The Fairies are one of the original Good Vanilla Factions that was implemented since the beginning of the game. **1SpTg (e114) ~ 1QaQag (e135) Gems: Dwarf/Fairy Research** Ok, disclaimer time: This is probably the phase in all of realm grinder that I am least familiar with. May 10, 2018 4:14am TheExelot 3 posts. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Realm Grinder > General Discussions > Topic Details. Then when it was released I bridged the last couple of reincarnations with dwarf/angels and drow/goblins. S2875: For Mercenary - Spell Name: Scholarship. Realm Grinder.