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Take a look at these seven suggestions. A survey shows that parents feel increasing pressure to make up for children’s lost educational and enrichment time. Effective discipline requires that parents are able to recognize whether a battle is worth the fight. ), Disciplining a Child, Parenting Tools, Benefits of Using a Teen Contract, Parenting Advice, and our frequently-shared Family Meeting Topics.. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 2003. Continued Discipline Techniques. Grolnick, Wendy S. The Psychology of Parental Control: How Well-Meant Parenting Backfires. Using Rules for Discipline that Works.

What you choose may depend on the type of inappropriate behavior your child displays, your child's age, your child's temperament, and your parenting style. Choose Battles Wisely . to stay still, declining television or staying in a room silently is a temporary but strict situation. Pandemic Parenting Was Already Relentless. Excellent source for parenting tips and advice. Let the child know that the time out for e.g. Consequences that Work: An Effective Discipline Tool. Time out sessions is another way to make the child realize that discipline is necessary. Some of our most popular parenting articles (and other content) include: Parenting Humor, Parental Responsibilities (our most popular article!
By practicing positive discipline, parents can get through tough moments while creating a stronger connection with their child. Spanking or grounding will only make them rigid and the outcome can become a personality disorder. The Right Attitude for Discipline that Works. Hoffman, Marin, and Herbert D. Saltzstein. A Case against Corporal Punishment and Effective Alternatives READ NEWS & VIEWS NEWSLETTER ARTICLES – words of wisdom by parents for parents: The Most Effective Parenting Style of Discipline that Works . Sometimes behaviors just aren’t worth addressing if they are likely to lead to a power struggle. “Parent Discipline and the Child’s Moral Development.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 5 (1967): 45-57. Then Came Summer. List of articles related to parenting and child discipline.