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You bet. Out of the Dust won many awards, including the John Newbery Medal, and helped make Karen Hesse a famous writer. Out of the Dust provides an opportunity to teach students about the differences in writing genres. the accident on a series of articles appearing in the 1934 Boise City News. out of the dust, on her way to California, where the wind takes a rest sometimes. And I’m wondering what kind of friend I am, wanting my feet on that road to another place, instead of Livie’s. That particular family tragedy planted the seed for Out of the Dust, as much as the dust storms did.” Was all of the research and hard work worth it? Ask students to choose one of their favorite poems in the book. January 1934 Me and Mad Dog Arley Wanderdale, who teaches music once a week at our school, though Ma says he’s no teacher at all, Then challenge them to rewrite it in the form of a expository text like a newspaper article or a narrative text like a diary entry.