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Conservation Articles. article Climate Change at the Poles. article Reef Rescue: Protect Coral Reefs with Your Actions. Conservation. 3 No. The health of the ocean and marine life are so often taken for granted and due to our increasing numbers and wasteful practices, the ocean appears to be as vulnerable to harm by human activities as any other environmental realm—and maybe even more so based on the severity and scale of the threats discussed below. Marine conservation, also known as marine resources conservation, is the protection and preservation of ecosystems in oceans and seas. Published by Earth Common Journal. One World, One Ocean, One Mission. By setting aside large protected areas in parts of the ocean that are not heavily fished, countries have shrugged off their international obligation to pursue science-based conservation … article Ocean Trash Plaguing Our Sea. 1. article Scientists Use Bioacoustics to Protect Marine Mammals. Ocean warming has fisheries on the move, helping some but hurting more Chris Free, University of California, Santa Barbara As the oceans warm, fish … article How You Can Help the Ocean. article Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) article Expedition to the Line Islands. Ocean Conservation (tagged articles) The keyword Ocean Conservation is tagged in the following 1 articles. MarineBio is deeply committed to the conservation of the ocean and its marine life. 2013, Vol. By Tracy L. Anderson. MacGillivray Freeman Films was founded over forty years ago by Greg MacGillivray and the late Jim Freeman.