katie bouman black hole paper

Katie first learned about the Event Horizon Telescope in 2007, back in high school in West Lafayette, Indiana, then pursued it as work in college at the University of Michigan. When it is written that Katie Bouman is the woman "behind the black hole photo", it is objectively true. Finally, on April 10th, 2019 the world was able to view the first-ever picture of the massive Black Hole thanks to Katie Bouman and her team of scientists. When Andrew Chael says that his software could not have worked without her, he isn't just being a stand-up guy, he's being literal. Capturing an image of Black Hole is not an easy task since it requires data gathered by a global network of eight radio telescope observatories. The CHIRP algorithm came from Bouman's PhD thesis, which you can read here. Now, Ms. Bouman is a post-doctoral fellow at MIT and Assistant Professor at CalTech, the California Institute Of Technology. She wasn't the only woman, but her work was crucial to making all of this happen. This paper outlines the techniques used to process the black hole image. Since the first image of a black hole has been introduced this week, yet another picture began making its way across the net: a photograph of a young scientist, clasping her hands over her face and re [27] Hon ledde utvecklingen av den algoritm för avbildning av svarta hål, känd som Continous High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Patch priors eller CHIRP. Scientist Katie Bouman after the first image of a black hole takes shape. The first ever image of a black hole, worked on by Katie Bouman, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope For example, the BBC piece first covering the story got a quote from Prof Heino Falcke, a long-standing expert in the black hole field who first “proposed the experiment”. Katie Bouman, 29, is the researcher who led the creation of an algorithm that allowed scientists to capture images of a black hole for the very first … Bouman led the project, but it obviously doesn't make sense to claim that she did all the work. Everyone on the team deserves credit. Bouman gick med i Event Horizon Telescope-projektet 2013.