essay on patriotism in pakistan

Patriotism for Pakistan Pakistan’s creation was no doubt the finest hour of our history our forefathers who had fought for it envisioned the promise … “Patriotism is one of great emotional expression that marked modern history.”.

The politics and The patriotism Essay Confused “Islam enjoins upon every person to strive for amazing of his country and lose himself in its service, render utmost service to nation (ummah) in which he lives, and to give precedence to kinship and neighbourliness (in acts of benevolence).”

It is everyone’s duty to save our beautiful country from evil eyes.

The heart is made only to love to love ownself, the family, the other people of the society. A country is not just a land or collection of valleys, rivers, mountains etc. Long and Short Essay on Patriotism in English Patriotism Essay 1 (200 words) Patriotism is putting the interest of one’s country first, working for its development and sacrificing for it if need.

It is a beautiful asset which must be preserved and to be developed specially in youngsters. It is a rational, logical, and deep-rooted. It is our duty to keep this passion alive in our hearts. Essay on Historical Places in Pakistan Essay on the Life of a Pakistani Soldier is an online article publishing site that helps you to submit your knowledge so that it may be preserved for eternity.

The following hints are recorded for your guidance 1) Patriotism what does it mean Based on one's natural Pakistani Patriotism Essay – 500 Words. In nations like India, governments will have to call on the patriotism of citizens to fight the terrorists.

In a nation like Pakistan, the government will have to be persuaded to deal with those in their midst who are complicit. Patriotism is the love of one’s country. Best Patriotism Essay – Man can not live without love.

For students of class 10 and 9 this Essay on Patriotism in English is best to read and write. Essay on Patriotism Patriotism means love for and commitment to one's mother land.

This virtue pushes to citizens of a country to work for their country selflessly and make it better. Patriotism Essay for 2nd year While I have given this heading, but this essay is not just for 2nd year, it can be used for matric and B.A students too.

Pakistan is an ideological state. Read Essay on Patriotism here. This essay can be written with the help of some examples from your own country or from your study of history.

It includes attachment to the Country’s land and people, respect for its customs and traditions, pride in its history, and devotion to its welfare.