essay on job satisfaction and job security

Job security means having a safe job - a job that will last all your life, a job (usually a boring job) with a well-established company or a ministry. It can cost more than €30,000 to replace just one employee, and most of this is spent on a lowered rate of productivity. Job security, often measured using the perceived risk of job loss in the near future, is a significant determinant of job satisfaction.

It doesn't mean unsafe as in … What elements are required for job satisfaction? Most people spend a great deal of time at work; therefore job satisfaction is an important part of being happy in life. Your employees’ job security will improve your bottom line With so much competition on the market, your business cannot afford to spend heaps of money on recruitment. Students also have to decide what they need to find: a company, which offers job security or a kind of work from which you will get satisfaction. Since job satisfaction is related to the fulfillment of needs, there are also another motivation theories that can support the job satisfaction theory, there are: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory (Beardwell and Holden, 1997, p. 551), McClelland’s theory of motivation (Robbins, 2005, p. 177), Expectancy theory, theory X and Y, and Hawthorne Studies. Job security is not enough for today’s workers, as many are willing to move jobs or even change careers to get more job satisfaction. It is possible for all workers to achieve job satisfaction. Of course, even for adults, this problem is not easy to solve. However, job security had a direct relationship with job satisfaction and well being of workers .Thus, result from this study implicated that it was not the employment security that worried the workers but the security of their job that they were holding that impacted on their job satisfaction and well-being. The survey of 1,001 UK adults carried out by Cygnet Jobs, one of the UK’s leading healthcare recruitment companies, has revealed that more than one in two (57%) have moved companies just to get greater job satisfaction.
IELTS Essay Topic: Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security while some people think that they cannot always expect job satisfaction, a permanent job is more important.Discuss both views and give your opinion.Answer:As employees in different organisations, we always seek for the highest job satisfaction in our career in order to achieve work-life balance. This is a controversial question and no one knows which variant is better for sure. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.