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I am equally fond of watching a really good match. Long Essay on A Cricket Match 500 Words for Kids and Students in English Last Saturday a one-day cricket match of 50 overs was played between two reputed teams of Kashmir YCC and BCC in Srinagar at Bakshi Stadium. Cricket is a most famous and passionate sports of India for many years. A large number of spectators had come to witness the match. A few days back, I viewed a one-day cricket match. It is equally popular in the West as it is in India. Essays on a Most Exciting Cricket Match You Have Witnessed Clearly. Generally they used to play cricket on any small open places like road, small fields, etc. It is played in many forms – like 20-20, one day and test matches. It is the joint national sport of Australia and England. A Cricket Test match is a great show anywhere in the world. The match was played at the Ferozshah Kotla grounds. It was quiet sunny. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. In A Match Essay English Cricket. I am a fan of cricket and hardly miss watching an important match local, national or international. Free sample essay on A Cricket Match for kids. The match started at 10:00 am. Every game has its plus points. It is very popular and enjoyed all over the world.

Essay on cricket match i enjoyed Basic English 120,498 views 3:11. This video is an essay on A cricket match. A Cricket Match Essay in English - Cricket is a gentleman's game. The international cricketers are the heroes of the present day. We also are very defensive about our cricketers, which lead to disputes and arguments with those who don’t watch cricket. Free sample essay on A Cricket Match. You can drop down your suggestions in the comment box. Cricket is played until 20 overs are completed by each team Essay on How to Play Cricket 954 Words | 4 Pages. Search Results . Last winter, I happened to see a cricket match in Delhi. Cricket is the most favourite and trendy game played not only in Pakistan but in many other countries of the world. I like it very much. Short Essay on a very exciting cricket Match that you recently witnessed Recently, I happened to witness a one day cricket match played between the D.A.V. The match was played between the Indian team and the West Indies team. There were a large number of on lookers. 2.

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Generally, I watch cricket matches on the television screen. Essay No. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. Pakistan has won its World cup once in 1992. Cricket is very interesting outdoor game.

It is played with 12 players now in which one is a substitute. There was a large number of audience. You can also find more Essay Writing articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more. The match was to be held between India and West Indies. It is mostly liked by the children. It fosters discipline, duty, team-spirit, cooperation and a sportsman spirit. I am very fond of playing cricket, and I am a member of our school eleven. But recently there took place at the Eden Gardens, Calcutta and one-day cricket match, for which my elder brother purchased two tickets, one for him and the other for me.

ESSAY / PARAGRAPH : A CRICKET MATCH FOR CLASS 4,5,6 . The two teams had carved out a name for being been contestants. Some of the Indian players are very well known. Thousands of men, women and children go to see it with pleasure; and millions more watch it on the television sets. Cricket players are worshipped like hero. It was half an hour for the match to start but the stands and the galleries were almost full. It has become the number one game throughout the world.