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Even though there are many questions about genetically modifying babies for being ethical and for moral reason, there are many pros to this type of treatment. In designer babies’ current state it is more widely accepted for parents to want their child to be healthy and to live without any kind of disease that may run in the family but to find someone who is going through the process is extremely rare. The term designer baby is used sometimes, but its meaning is not clear or simple.
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However, there are concerns among the general population and scientific community about the morality of the process. These babies have either been selected as embryos during in-vitro fertilization or have had their genes modified during the embryonic phase. A Christian perspective of humanity as complex physical and spiritual beings stands in conflict with contemporary trends that reduce our nature solely to genetic information.
They are a part of our current world and a hot debate in the world of science and medicine. The idea is to change the nature, usually the genetics, of the child for the better.There are many technical, social, moral and legal issues connected to this idea. Designer babies are either created from an embryo selected by preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or genetically modified in order to influence the traits of the resulting children.

Designer babies - genetically modified for beauty, intelligence or to be free of disease - have long been a topic of science fiction. While the interventions under consideration are intended to eliminate serious diseases, the temptation to produce designer babies is not far away. External link. Designer Babies Pros and Cons.

Designer babies: where should we draw the line? Our discomfort around designer babies has always had to do with the fact that it makes the playing field less level—taking existing inequities and turning them into something inborn.

As with all novel technologies, there are some pros as well as cons of having a designer baby. transcript. Creating designer babies who are free from disease and super athletic or smart may finally be around the corner. Designer babies are no longer just a theme in popular science fiction movies. Articles from Journal of Medical Ethics are provided here courtesy of BMJ Group. We spoke with the … The primary aim of creating designer babies is to avoid their having heritable diseases coded by mutations in DNA. Gene Editing Can Become Eugenics. Displaying all articles. (CNN)Genetically-modified babies are "highly desirable" to help … Where the Debate Over ‘Designer Babies’ Began Genetic technology is advancing, and critics are warning of a slippery slope.