cultural safety reflective essay

Issues: Two instances of mental health care for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients are described in this reflective piece of writing. Reflective knowledge thinking, writing and practice can support nurses to practice cultural safety. Maori midwifery students first introduced it as a way to redress Maori health inequities. Nursing Reflective Essay Using Gibbs The Examples Of Analysis. In Australia and internationally, midwives are now expected to provide culturally safe midwifery care to all women. Cultural Safety Essay Sample. The aim of this essay is to critique a qualitative research article ‘’Peer and Neighbourhood influences on teenage pregnancy and fertility in English community’’, Arai (2005). In reality, culture is complicated and difficult to define. In order to maintain cultural safety and accommodate for cultural differences without disregarding diversity and individual considerations, nurses have to move away from a checklist approach to provision of care (Peiris, Brown, & Cass, 2008). It involves learning about our own culture and our biases. Cultural humility is a lifelong journey of self-reflection and learning. A reflective account of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti-discriminatory practice which relates to a client from clinical placement.

It involves listening without judgement and being open to learning from and about others.
Cultural safety is model care which was first originated by the Nursing Council of New Zealand in the 1980s. This will firstly analysis in depth the historical, cultural, social and political factors that have affected the healthcare for the Indigenous Australians.
Cultural humility is a building block for cultural safety. A reflective account of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti. A reflective essay is a written piece of literature that focuses on presenting and narrating a person’s experience and how it becomes an instrument towards a change of perception in life. Cultural safety was an inadequate response to the health status of the indigenous people. It is a way for a writer to share an important event in his/her life and how it affected him/her so that others may learn something from it. INTRODUCTION. This essay will discuss Indigenous health as an important issue to the Australian community and the problems that Indigenous Australian may experience within the current health care system. This report is a reflective essay of a critical incident analysis (CIA) which is authored by a second-year student of the Operating Department Practitioner (sODP). The care provided in both instances was culturally inappropriate and/or inadequate. Cultural safety is an important concept in health care that originated in Aotearoa (New Zealand) to address Maori consumer dissatisfaction with health care. This is a reflective essay which will give an account of the concept of valuing diversity and one aspect of anti-discriminatory practice.